Greek cuisine is world renowned as one of the healthiest and at the same time most delicious gastronomic wonders. Taking Mediterranean cuisine to a whole new different level, the Greeks have experimented with amazing local products for ages and the outcome is purely fabulous.
Once you visit Brauron and the wider area of Attica, you will be blown away by the freshness and the genuine character of every single dish. Whether you are searching for gourmet culinary options or traditional homemade meals, there are innumerable recipes to satisfy your palate and keep you asking for more.

Fresh vegetables and fruit, organically grown and with respect to seasonality make the finest basis for mouth-watering salads, appetizers and of course fruity desserts.  Extra virgin olive oil tops nearly all dishes and it is definitely the nectar of the Gods. Seafood and fish still smell of the salty waters, especially when tasting them on the beachfront with the accompaniment of local wine, beer or ouzo. Mezedes are small plates filled with extra delicious bites, offering you a culinary journey of the senses that cannot be matched. Try out tzatziki and fava, zucchini croquettes, marinated fish and grilled octopus.

Bread and pastries just out of the oven, pies made of feta cheese or spinach, these are just few of the iconic foods that you can taste in Brauron. Vegetarians find absolutely awesome food options, as well as those following a gluten-free diet. There are no restrictions, as Greek gastronomy is based on wholesome food, cooked to perfection without any pretentious addition.
Do not forget to taste spoon sweets, organic honey, pastries with dough, yoghurt with walnuts and many other traditional treats to end your meal with a sweetness that stays with you forever!
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