History meets culture, the past meets the present and unspoiled natural beauty meets contemporary comfort and luxury in the perfect blend. This is what Brauron is all about, with a plethora of sights and attractions captivating the interest of travelers from around the world.

If you love history, then Brauron is an excellent place for you. The prominent site of Artemis with the sanctuary and the dedicated to the Goddess stands out as the greatest proof of the sacred significance of the area. The Archaeological Museum is located just 2 kilometers from the sanctuary, inviting you to visit the rich collection of exhibits.

Attica Zoo Park is found 15 kilometers away from the hotel in Brauron and offers the opportunity for a different experience. A walk through the different sections will excite you, as you will be admiring some of the rarest species on Earth. Nature is overwhelming and the Athenian sunshine will make your excursion to the park even more pleasurable.

For those wishing to indulge in an endless shopping spree, one of the main attractions in the area is McArthurGlen Athens. This massively popular mall in Spata is adjacent to Attica Zoo Park and provides a huge variety of stores, entertainment options, cafés and restaurants. So you can shop around and then catch your breath sipping on an iced cold beverage and overlooking the lovely setting.

Porto Rafti, Sounio and Rafina are places you can visit, enjoying nature as you are diving in the crystal clear waters on the coastline. At Cape Sounio particularly, you will be able to admire the imposing Temple of Poseidon. Leisurely strolls on the waterfront, with the soft sand tickling your feet and the salty breeze cooling you down…this is an experience not to be missed!

As you can see, there are many sights and attractions near Brauron. With the historic center of Athens just 32 kilometers away, you can arrange for daily trips to admire the emblematic Parthenon and the modern Museum of Acropolis, the Temple of Zeus and Panathenaic Stadium and still enjoy nature’s bliss at Dolce Attica Riviera!
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