The Archaeological Museum of Brauron stands out in the area and highlights the significant historic value of Brauron in Attica. Its rich collections have derived from the Sanctuary of Artemis and depict the sacred character of the region ever since antiquity. It is worth noting that Athenians celebrated the glory of the Goddess Artemis every four years in the Sanctuary, where a lot of votive offerings have been found.
Amongst these offerings, there are special statuettes of boys and girls dedicated to Artemis. They were called “arktos”, which is the name of the bear in ancient Greek. Due to the interest of Artemis in hunting, the Goddess had been correlated with various animals and the bear is one of them. Pottery and jewelry items are also on display, as well as findings from the wider region of Mesogaia, completing the wealth of exhibits in the museum.
You can visit the museum after paying a visit to the Sanctuary of Artemis, since it is housed within the site. It is open from early in the morning at 08:00 till 15:00 and the ticket is quite reasonably priced. So schedule your visit and find out more about the impressive past of eastern Attica, through an intriguing exhibition.
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